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“Withum & Co is at the very forefront of a strategic shift in the consumption patterns of an emerging marketplace for television viewers—the Internet through new media broadcast service using ROKU; AmazonFire; Chromecast; AppleTV; Google TV and more!

roku-new-media-broadcast-service amazon-new-media-broadcast-serviceGoogle-TV-new-media-broadcast-service apple-tv-new-media-broadcast-servicechromecast-new-media-broadcast-service

Almost 50% of home TV’s in the U.S. are connected to the Internet

With over 10 million units and 30 million eyes consuming media thru their devices today (projected to be 20 million units and 60 million viewers by the end of 2015) ROKU is the #1 used set-top device!

43% of ROKU customers say ROKU is their preferred source for watching video on their TV

Withum & Co is partnering with industry leaders to bring these New Media capabilities to your ministry or business. AND WE ARE SO SURE…WE ARE WAVING THE APP DEVELOPMENT FEE! That’s right! FOR A LIMITED TIME you won’t pay for the app to push your rich media content.

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One of our clients received 21,000 unique visits in their first 3 weeks on ROKU! (and captured the lead information)

Call or email for more information or to schedule a demonstration…and position yourself for once AT THE HEAD OF THE LINE!


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